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Monday, November 7, 2011

HELP! Leadership, Mentoring & The Beatles


What is “HELP”? Well, besides it being the blood curdling yell to summon someone who just happens to have a great big “S” under their dress shirt, it’s one of the words all leaders should have in their top 10 terminology list.
 In this case it has two meanings: the classic definition of aiding someone who requires assistance but it also serves as an acronym inspired by one of the greatest Beatles tunes of all times, “Help!”


We can all agree that a great leader knows how to take their troops from point A to point B to help them achieve both the leader and the troop’s goal in succeeding. But an even greater leader knows how to see something in that person that they may not even see in themselves, and mentor them to the level that they didn’t even know they were capable of.

“Help! I need somebody. Help! Not just anybody. Help!  You know I need someone, HELP!”
A good leader can see when someone has the right stuff. A better leader knows how to answer the call for HELP in a manner that encourages and supports the individual rather than coming to their rescue. Instilling a sense of independence and confidence become the building blocks for their personality. Anyone can give instructions, but, to truly teach is to be a true driving force.

“Help me if you can I’m feeling down, and I do appreciate you being around”
A good leader’s job is to keep spirits and morale up with words and actions of encouragement. But a great leader gives them the crutches they need to lift themselves up when they fall.  Leadership is about getting others to wake up, make their dreams come true and realize their true potential.

“Now my life has changed in oh so many ways …”
John Lennon, used to light a fire under the lads when the vision of success was dimming. He would ask them “Where are we going, fellas?” And they would shout, “To the top, Johnny!” “Where’s that, fellas?” “To the toppermost of the poppermost!” . They knew where they were headed. There was a target.  A goal, and John, as their “leader” had a destination. A vision with a definitive desired result.  A leader leads the team or individual to a destination, otherwise that person is just in front of an assembly of people as the Nowhere Man.

Why not find that person or person in your company and take them from Yesterday into today escalating them into tomorrow with your mentoring. They will become great leaders themselves due to a little help from their friendly leader!

“Our care and dedication to our children will be reflected in the generations to come.”
- Chantal Wiebe
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