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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Just "Because": More Beatles Lessons in Customer Service

I believe that everyone should work as a waiter at one point in their life.
Not because the money is pretty darn good or because you get one shift drink that can turn into two or three if you are good chums with the bartender. Rather, they should become a waiter to learn the true value of great customer service and its rewards.
It worked for me and I can say, with no ego but pure fact, that I am one of the best customer service people I know due to years spent employed as a waiter.
I was later promoted to a Manager, followed by General Manager and eventually became a CSR Training and Development builder,  all before becoming a Director of Marketing and Social Media.
But I digress.
Let me tell you why I grew passionate about Customer Service. As a waiter I relied on 3 main things:
  • Personality
  • Diplomacy
  • Financial Gain
I realized from the offset in my days of frolicking about in an apron and hideous bow-tie that the more time I spent listening to the consumer, and addressing their needs with my authentic good nature and friendly attitude, the better the financial rewards would be in the end when it came time for my tip.
That was it. Bottom line!
Great service + Wining Attitude = Financial gain.
I continued to apply that philosophy to my day to day existence with some slight alterations. Great Attitude + Confidence = Spiritual and Personal Gain. I’m a happier person when I’m doing good or helping others better themselves and achieve their goals.
Do I have my shortcomings that I need to work on? Oh, yes I do! But at the end of the day if I know that I have helped someone begin to realize that they can be great at what they do and see results personally or financially from it? Well, then I will sleep comfortably that night.

I’m a huge fan of The Beatles and one of my favorite songs of theirs is “Because”. Not only because of the relaxingly haunting melody, which I now sing to my daughter every night, but the word itself. 
Because why? Because it meant something to me and who I was;
Centered &
The same mind set is what made me successful in the Social Media arena. So many businesses forget the main word there; Social. It’s about engaging the consumer and making them feel comfortable with you as something more than a logo or brand, but as someone they can trust. I was able to do so with a major company I work with as well as in my own personal branding. I listened. I engaged. They came back for more.
I enjoy what I do. I enjoy people and the relationships I have built with them.
The same thing I say to my daughter when she asks too many questions about why something is the way it is!

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  1. Mr. Sullivan, I love this post! Thanks for sharing your wisdom. I hope the customer service world takes this post (and that great acronym) to heart! All the best,
    Tomi Bryan