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Friday, August 12, 2011

The Rise of The Planet of The Social Media Apes

 We are all familiar with the Planet of The Apes storyline yes? How the apes evolve, take over the planet, enslave man and, as we saw in the first 5 movies, they lived a very technologically free existence. Now comes the new updated movie “Rise of the Planet of the Apes” and my question becomes; since we have changed so much since the original Ape films, will they “evolve” with our times?

I would seriously donate 3 years of my life to someone else’s needy body to see the Apes running about with iPhones, on Facebook and Twitter and operating Customer Service centers!

Can you see the Twitter Chat stream on TweetDeck after the rise of the Apes?

@Gen_Urko Hey Doc,  I flipped U that missing link to post on talking humans. Get it? Missing link? LMAO

@CorneliusPHD  LOL Yeah,”missing link” I get it. Missed your calling. TTYL

@TaylorTalk Link this U DAMN DIRTY APES!

@ZiraHotDoc TROLL Alert. Just ignore him. He’ll *poof* They are just so damn ugly…

Now, we could make jokes until the Apes really take over about how a monkey could work a customer service call center as long as they have a script but how will the Apes truly be at excellent customer service?

“Thank you for calling. Zippo’s Shoes. Your call is important to us. Please stay on the line for the next representative”
1 minute later…
“Hello this is Natalie. How may I help you today?”
“Hello Natalie, my name is Caesar and I just ordered some new military boots for my Gorilla warfare army and unfortunately we got some in human design. Didn’t even know they made those anymore!”
“I am sorry for that Mr. Caesar. We will get those Simian cut boots out to you right away. Feel free to keep them and give them to your enslaved humans if you so wish.”

OK, will this all happen? No probably not. We have done a pretty good job seeing to the destruction of our cousin Ape's natural environment and slow extinction to guarantee that an Ape revolution would last the length of a David Hasselhoff Greatest Hits CD.

But, if it does happen? I’ll be the first human to sign up for Googlrilla Plus or I don’t monkey around when it comes to this stuff…

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