"We are all in this humans race together and it's our job to make sure we all cross the finish line as one."

Friday, June 24, 2011

Let There Be Light: Tribe & Community

Recently I have been forced to look at my world and what is happening in it. Not forced at gun point. Forced by life and circumstances. By events and happenings that have compounded themselves for whatever reason to present themselves in a certain time frame.

All these “happenings” have had positive elements to them and they came at a point where a darkness was rearing itself into my personal life. In other words, the universe knew where to direct its light. It found me waiting for the light on the corner of Nowhere and Confusion.

Let me tell you what colors were streaming through that light that forced me not to shield my eyes but open them again:

White: Charity
For the last two years I have been actively involved with Share Our Strength, an organization that is looking to end childhood hunger in America by 2015. I was involved with a Tweet Out on June 21st that was short of extraordinary. People from all over Twitter came together to spread the word about the organization and try to recruit restaurants across the country. I started Tweeting at around 8:30 with a handful of people as we began our day’s journey through Twitterville. I watched as the numbers grew from core groups we were involved with and saw thousands of faces reaching out to others in a united effort for the cause. I felt overwhelmed and emotional as I watched this explode. My fingers typed faster. My eyes darted from Tweet to Tweet. It was exhausting but who cares! It was for love. It was for children. It was the thing to do. I encourage you to get involved. I ask you to take the pledge to end childhood hunger. Be the light.

 Orange: Encouragement
I had attended a conference run by People Report called Summer Camp that may not sound very professional to some but let me enlighten you. People Report Summer Camp is one of the most important conferences I have ever attended. Not because of just the content. Not because of the tools I bring back to my personal and professional existence. It’s the people. It’s the community and family that have grown out of this tribe of like thinkers to better the workplace and strengthen our communities. 
One of the highlights of Summer Camp agenda is to visit Jonathon’s Place, a place where children of abuse can go to find emergency shelter and help. Our chores are simple. We clean; we rinse things and tidy up. We also raise money and awareness for them. To see the faces of these children is to be looking into the face of God. To know their story is heart breaking. I walked away from there this year like I did last year; encouraged by the work we did and aggressive in my need to help and spread their message. Please look into them. See what you can do. Let me rephrase that. See what you will do.

Green: Harmony and Growth
The above events as well as the private things I needed to face in my own life needed a shopping list. A bucket list. A friend of mine, Bill Campion, one of the most insightful and genuine people I have ever had the privilege to call my friend gathered a group of us to “get well together” through Talent Revolution’s 30 Days Bucket List. Create a list of things you want to accomplish in 30 days and encourage each other in the journey. It helped me step into a place where I needed to be and deal with issues I needed to face.

All this was an awakening. All this was a call to arms to help not just others but myself. Without me, I can’t be. Thanks to my Tribe at People Report Summer Camp, thanks to my friends at 30 Days, thanks to my family at home there is a chance to center myself and hind the harmony in my life I need to be the human I want to be and deserve to be. All this could have been said in this one line but I’m an Irishman who kissed the Blarney Stone so you get the long version.

The human race can seem like a marathon sometimes and we must all help out to insure we reach the finish line together.

And So it Goes...

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