"We are all in this humans race together and it's our job to make sure we all cross the finish line as one."

Thursday, May 19, 2011

And...On a Final Note...

With the world coming to a rather anticlimactic end this Saturday at 6:00pm, I am feeling great time restraints. I think it is essential that all of us take the following steps in this precious remaining hours.

-Return all phone calls
-Catch up with a long lost friend or two without Tweeting or Google Chat
-If you have season finale episodes of favorite shows cued in TiVo, watch the finales before THE finale
-Yankee and Met fans, don't worry about your teams long-run prospects, because they have no long run
-Try to find that missing sock you know you put in the wash as a pair
-Figure out some of the garbled lyrics of Crocodile Rock that we have never been able to figure out no matter how hard we have tried
-Call O.J Simpson and say, "OK for the last time...Did you?"
-Go hug someone, hold a child's hand, us the word "YES" all day and pick your favorite song to listen too before the fireworks start and the Earth implodes.

Now, just take note here that the fundamentalists who "know" their scripture failed to remind us what Jesus said in Matthew 24:36: Hike! Said God's Son; "But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of Heaven or Son, only the Father".

So, that being said, I'm keeping a pint of ice cream in the fridge (chocolate chocolate chip) and the season finale of The Big Bang on TiVo just in case I get bored after about 6:15pm waiting for the planet to draw me into the abyss.

 Now, do I drop shirts at the dry cleaners for Monday pick up?...


  1. There was a scheduling error. The end of the World will be postponed until 2112. Sorry for the inconvenience.

  2. OMG, Deacon Ty! You're leaving??? But... but... but.. we have so much to do out at the ranch! It's branding season! And you know what that means... it's the annual Rocky Mountain Oysters Fest right after we get all the branding done..

    And then there's moving them dogeys up to the high pastures.. and fixing fences.. and tooling leather saddles.. and the pig roast by the lake.. and flirting with the purty misses after you preach under the tent on Sundays.. and messin' with the purty gals down by the river (where is that Amanda, anyways?).. and.. and.. and..

    Whatevah am I gonna do without you, pardner?? We've seen so much trail together since those days fighting Pancho way back when.

    Don't go... Don't do it.. Renounce your faith and become a sinner like me!!!

  3. These comments having me peeing people! I will miss you all...Until 6:10pm and we go shopping for dog food and cereal for Sunday...

  4. It's at 6PM? OK, I will be ready and waiting!!

    PS - Could you please let me know what OJ says.

  5. In case the world doesn't end this weekend, 2012 is just around the corner.... just sayin :)

  6. We'll at 6:15 on Saturday you'll be on your way to heaven or suffering through earthquakes and plagues for the next 5 months if you believe this sort of stuff. Saturday is the calling to heaven for the chosen ones. The rest of us will be left behind to suffer Pestilence and from bad summer TV. Me... I'll be enjoying a wonderful dinner at DelPosto's with my wife for her birthday. I'll probably run up a big bill as I won't be around to pay for it apparently (one way or another :-P )

  7. Ty,
    Well, You GOT me... for two-three seconds!
    (The time it took me to read your intro, "And... On a Final Note..", then I quickly scrolled down and saw your "goodbye pic!")
    and only THEN... did I read your post!

    My thoughts in those two-three seconds...."just when I started to follow this guy on Twitter in the past two days, I'm reading his LAST post; he's making a major move, whatever, and he's even closing down his post. What a loss!"

    Glad you're still going to be here Monday (I'm really going to feel badly if something happens to you this weekend, even if you stub your toe or get a mosquito bite!)

    You Ty'ed one on me. Have a great weekend. EdC

  8. My neighbour is mowing his lawn. Silly man!

  9. In the immortal words of Michael Stipe.

    "It's the end of the world as we know it . . . and I feel fine"