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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Twitter Bailey in "It's A Wonderful Life" Social Media Edition

“Yes, Clarence.  A man down on earth needs our help.’

“Splendid! Is he sick?”

“No. Worse. He's discouraged. At exactly ten forty-five P.M., earth-time, that man will be thinking seriously of throwing away God's greatest gift. You will spend that hour getting acquainted with Twitter Bailey.”

“Sir...If I should accomplish this mission...I mean, uh, might I perhaps win my wings? I've been waiting for over
two hundred years now, sir...and people are beginning to talk.”

“Clarence, you do a good job with Twitter Bailey and you'll get your wings.”

Twitter Bailey stood on the edge of the bridge overlooking Internet Fall’s river with his heals shaking under the pressure of his personal pain and from the frigid air that called to him to take the step into the icy waters below. But his concentration in assessing his dire situation was disrupted by the soft voice of a familiar stranger that made his way through the snowy night air.

“Excuse me son, but, I don’t think that’s such a good idea.” Clarence said.

“Get out of here ya crazy old man. This isn’t any of your business. The world would be a better place without old Twitter Bailey to push around.”

Clarence asked Twitter why he was doing this. Twitter turned to him, beads of sweat freezing above his eyebrows and told Clarence what drove him to such actions.

“Well, there are those that are saying that I depersonalize the human condition and force people to forget what it’s like to have real conversations, friendships, relationships all because of my limitations with 140 characters! They say I’m at fault for people losing the power to properly express themselves and focus on the real things surrounding them. I just wanted to bring people together is all. I just don’t feel it’s a wonderful life with me around.”

Clarence chuckled and placed his hand on Twitters now calmed and receptive shoulders and he told Twitter who he was, why he was here and that he had the ability to show him a world that had no Twitter Bailey and what a very different place it would be.

And with that, the snow stopped falling and the night took on a very different feel. The sound of a man startled Twitter and he turned around to find a fellow he recognized as Ernie Verizon stranded in the snow with his car. Twitter went running over to see if he could help his old friend out but Ernie didn’t recognize him. Because in this world, Twitter didn’t exists. Ernie had no signal on his phone due the phone reception being down but had some 3G connection. So he had access to his email but had no real time messaging to contact his wife to send AAA.

 “You see Twitter,” said Clarence, if you were here, your abilities may have allowed him to get an instant call for help heard. And it’s not just in this case. If you weren’t here millions of people may not have the opportunity to reach out to likeminded people like themselves. Communities are built, small charities are discovered, ideas are shared and yes, real world friendships can be made. But that’s where the human aspect comes in Twitter. That’s when the individual makes the determination to take it into a real world situation once a level of trust and sharing has been achieved. It’s all what the individual chooses to do with you.

“Think of the people of Iran during their conflict with the government. Would we have had the images and the stories of the injustices to its people were it not for you? Would the man suffering from cancer who couldn’t find a Doctor he trusted in his health network have found an out of network doctor he liked who agreed to treat him had it not been through reaching out to others through you? Would the shy and withdrawn young lady who thought she had no friends have found the group of likeminded thinkers who shared her passions ever have come out of her shell and become a self confident leader?

Twitter Bailey stood up and looked Clarence in the eyes and reached over to hug him and said, “Clarence I think you may have earned your wings tonight!” And with that Twitter Bailey ran through the streets of Internet Falls crying out Merry Christmas to all around him. He ran as fast as he could to get home to see his tweetheart and their three little tweets who were so worried about their dear Twitter Bailey.

People poured in the door behind him tossing 140 character messages of good cheer and positive vibes into a large basket on a table when in walked his brother in social media, Harry Facebook and cried out. “To my brother Twitter Bailey, the richest guy with acquaintances and friends in town!”

And just as he said that a small bell on the Bailey family Christmas tree rang and the littlest tweet turned to his father Twitter and said, “Every time a bell rings, an angel get’s its wings.” Twitter Bailey smiled and winked to the sky saying, ‘way to go Clarence!”

 And up in heaven, Clarence sat at his laptop with a shiny new set of wings and signed on to follow Twitter Bailey. His message simply read, “It’s a wonderful life, isn’t it?”


Happy Holidays to all and to all a good night.

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