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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Season of Giving Thanks: We Owe It To Each Other

Did you blink?

Did you miss this year too?

Can you believe that this week ushered in the holiday season and fires the racing pistol shot for all shoppers to get out there and do their consumer duties?

To begin the blind panic for door buster sales that offer the guests 60” LCD TV’s for $100 (only 4 per store until 5:17AM)?

This is also the time that most companies crank up their customer service to dazzle customers who have been on line for 2.5 hours with an arm full of Buzz Light Year, Iron Man and Wii items. And while these companies have gussied up their CSR responses and troubleshooting agendas, we must step back for a moment and remember something we tend to forget most of the time:

Yes, we are all consumers. Yes you readers are all in the field of some form of retail, but at the end of the day we are all human and have an obligation to act civil to each other, especially when we know that the pressure and boiling points are percolating around this time of the year. Actually, this is when we REALLY need to be extra careful with our fellow brothers and sisters. The CSR’s are trying their best, the temporary holiday employees are usually at the top of their game (ahh the new kids! The enthusiasm!), managers are stretched like taffy and every guest is there for themselves and their own survival from the chaotic jungle in Aisle 5.

But, when it feels like you are a moment away from a meltdown, either as an employee or as a guest….STOP.

Take a second and look to the person you were about to lose your cool with and give thanks for them. Give thanks that they are there to help assist you or that that guest is there to help pay your salary.

After all isn’t what this week is about? Giving “thanks”?

We owe it to each other to thank one another. Let’s make sure that the other person is having as good a day as they can have and hope that if their day isn’t going so smoothly, that your “thanks” to them will brighten their day. Then they in turn pass it along to the next person, and so on and so forth until the whole store has joined hands and started singing “I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing” just like in the Coke commercial.

OK, so my cheese factor at the end there was a bit far fetched and somewhat “GLEE” like but you get the idea. It’s just a cascade of good feelings that one word can produce. “Thanks”.

And with that being said I want to take this time to give thanks. I want to give thanks for my family and friends:

Thanks for my wonderful wife who puts up with my shenanigans and displays such patience with me and is the best Mother and educator to our daughter. Plus she is the best content editor I know!

Thanks for my daughter who is the light of my life and the most polite child I have ever met. She already understands the value of “Thanks”.
Thanks for my family by blood and extensions.
Thanks for my friends in life that I have chosen to call my family.
Thanks for my colleagues at work, FohBoh, Twitterville, #CustServ for keeping me tuned in and not turned off.

And thanks to you, the readers. Thank You for allowing me to hopefully entertain and educate with every posting.

With that, I sign off and hope you all had a Wonderful Thanksgiving.


The Sullivan Clan

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