"We are all in this humans race together and it's our job to make sure we all cross the finish line as one."

Friday, July 29, 2011

For My Daughter: On Her 3rd Birthday

When the winds stop whistling
When the leaves stop bristling
When the cows stop grazing
When the poets stop phrasing
When the scholars stop learning
When the devils fire’s stop burning
When the planets stop spinning
When the holy men stop sinning
When the borders start falling
When the weary stop yawning
When the old timers dancing
When the young stop romancing.
I will still be there to love you.

Dream Well

Cherub angel in lace and white
Drops off  her dreams and says good night.
The sandman’s been and’s on his way
As he closes the doors on another day.
And as you drift off to sleep
Slumber pixies tuck in your feet.

Hoot owl blinks and sings his song
The crickets chirp and play along
The swaying branch conducts the tune
Under the spotlight of the full moon
All while today replays in your head
And I sit in wonder on the end of your bed.

Happy Birthday
I sung to you the moment you were born
I sing still
I sang during this photo too
Every song is you.

Same Spot. Same Face. Different Year.


  1. I super love this post. Sending my best birthday wishes to your beautiful little girl. xo

  2. Beautiful. What a great, loving dad you are. You are making magic & memories that will carry Skylar throughout her life. Bravo.

  3. One word - WOW. Okay I lied... You never cease to amaze. Can't wait to meet Skylar one of these days. You are a Dad making a difference in oh so many ways. Peace and love to you and your family Ty. Thanks for sharing this and making my day.

  4. Wish I could like Bill's comment; very well said. :)

  5. The love is palpable. Nicely done, Ty!

  6. Ty ~ From one proud dad to another, well done! Thank you for sharing.

  7. Love love LOVE this, Ty! :)

  8. goosebumps , awesome post , what a wonderful friend you are , bring everyone in your light and they must be so honored to have you as their friend . blessed be ....